Downloadable Data

The AWP Local School Governance Team reports allow community stakeholders to examine descriptive statistics for individual neighborhood schools. To meet this need, this page provides downloadable documents with school- and county-level data for all schools across Athens-Clarke County.  

NeighborhoodEnglish ReportEn EspañolNeighborhood Descriptive Spreadsheet
Alps Road ElementaryAlps Rd. EnglishAlps Rd. EspañolAlps Descriptives
Barnett Shoals ElementaryBarnett Shoals EnglishBarnett Shoals EspañolBarnett Descriptives
Barrow ElementaryBarrow EnglishBarrow EspañolBarrow Descriptives
Chase Street ElementaryChase St. EnglishChase St. EspañolChase St. Descriptives
Cleveland Road ElementaryCleveland Rd. EnglishCleveland Rd. EspañolCleveland Rd. Descriptives
Fowler Drive ElementaryFowler EnglishFowler EspañolFowler Descriptives
Gaines ElementaryGaines EnglishGaines EspañolGaines Descriptives
H.B. Stroud ElementaryH.B. Stroud EnglishH.B. Stroud EspañolH.B. Stroud Descriptives
J.J. Harris ElementaryJ.J. Harris EnglishJ.J. Harris EspañolJ.J. Harris Descriptives
Oglethorpe Avenue ElementaryOglethorpe EnglishOglethorpe EspañolOglethorpe Descriptives
Timothy Road ElementaryTimothy Rd. EnglishTimothy Rd. EspañolTimothy Rd. Descriptives
Whit Davis ElementaryWhit Davis EnglishWhit Davis EspañolWhit Davis Descriptives
Whitehead Road ElementaryWhitehead EnglishWhitehead EspañolWhitehead Descriptives
Winterville ElementaryWinterville EnglishWinterville EspañolWinterville Descriptives
B.H. Lyons MiddleB.H. Lyons EnglishB.H. Lyons EspañolB.H. Lyons Descriptives
Clarke MiddleClarke Middle EnglishClarke Middle EspañolClarke Middle Descriptives
W.R. Coile MiddleW.R. Coile EnglishW.R. Coile EspañolW.R. Coile Descriptives
Hilsman MiddleHilsman EnglishHilsman EspañolHilsman Descriptives
Cedar Shoals HighCedar Shoals EnglishCedar Shoals EspañolCedar Shoals Descriptives
Clarke Central HighClarke Central EnglishClarke Central EspañolClarke Central Descriptives
Classic City HighClassic City EnglishClassic City EspañolClassic City Descriptives